Revamped Institute Scholarship Fundraiser Auction


The scholarship auction is an integral part of the Institute. ALL the money raised at the auction goes directly to providing scholarships for the next year's Institute. The auction we had last year is funding 8 librarians to attend this year's Institute! We want to insure that the auction remains successful so we can provide the opportunity to others next year.

This year, the auction will be held, as usual, on Thursday night but we are instituting a few CHANGES
brought about in response to feedback we received from last year's Institute attendees.

  • In response to those who noted many items languished waiting for bids; we are asking for NEW items - in the past, we have had fun with kitchie "white elephant" yard sale items, but we feel the time for that has passed. In order to have bidders feel like they have gotten something of quality for their money, we are requesting that all items brought this year be new.
  • In response to those who noted the auction went on too long; we will be adding a "silent auction" portion to the auction this year. We are encouraging people to bring themed baskets (think Knickerbocker raffle but not as elaborate). Participants can choose what item they would like to win by silently bidding on the item during the Institute. Bidding will be done by simply listing your name and bid on a recording sheet in front of the basket during the day on Thursday. The highest bids and winners will be announced during the MakerSpace Petting Zoo. It is our hope that this will move the auction along.
  • In response to those that loved the auction format and the "bidding wars" that sometime ensue; bigger items (nicer baskets brought by attendees or sponsored by affiliates) as well as "higher priced" donations from vendor partners will be traditionally auctioned off at the conclusion of the MakerSpace Petting Zoo portion of the program.

Questions about the auction / Institute Scholarship fundraiser can be directed to: Lisa Perkowski at